Kim Oliver

Greater Sacramento Portrait and Business Photographer

Indiana native Kim Oliver has already enjoyed success as a portrait studio owner, military officer, and winery owner. Now, she’s focusing on her next act – as a portrait, real estate, and business photographer based in Northern California.

During her teenage years, Kim began learning basic photography skills from a friend. When her father witnessed the skill and drive Kim developed, he further encouraged her with the purchase of her first camera. In 1982, she served as photographer for both her high school yearbook and a small local newspaper.

Kim soon expanded to take on weddings, youth sports, school events, high school seniors, and family portraits. In 1988, while working as a young photographer, she began a new chapter in her life by enlisting as a soldier in the National Guard, working as a combat photographer. The National Guard allowed her to serve her country while she continued to build her photography business.

In 1991, at the encouragement of family and friends, Kim opened her own studio in Chesterfield, Indiana – Oliver’s Captured Moments Portrait Studio. Although weddings and youth events kept her busiest, portraiture was her real love, including photos of high school seniors, families and pets. Her work won recognition from some of the best photographers of that time as well as national awards.

After earning a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography from Ball State University, Kim accepted her military commission through the Reserve Officers' Training Corps. In 1998, she applied for and was accepted on an active duty tour based out of Northern California. Leaving a colleague to handle the day-to-day operations of the portrait studio, Kim focused on her military career for the next 10 years. But after a tour in Bosnia, she decided to close the studio, vowing to return one day to her true passion.

In 2008, Kim retired from the military at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and decided to begin phase two of her photography career. Today, you’ll find her photographing residential and commercial real estate, taking portraits, and assisting businesses with their photography needs.