I have a treasure of my beloved Kona thanks to Kim’s talent. She possesses an eye unique to the myriad of photographers in the area. The detail in my 30x30 is amazing - it is truly a work of art and everyone who sees it raves about it and comments on how they’ve never seen anything quite like it! During the portrait session, I left the artistic direction completely in Kim’s hands, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Her amazing creativity is matched by the detail and quality of her work. Imagine a fabulous, larger than life close up of your best friend's sparkling and expressive eyes. Through her lens, Kona’s personality was unveiled. I always knew my Kona was precious, Kim just provided me with the tangible proof.

~ Andi Rothman

Kim Oliver was so friendly and patient with our young peek-a-poo. Even though our dog was more than a little active and friendly, Kim was able to take wonderful pictures. The pictures were beautiful and truly captured our dog’s personality and fully reflected the fun day she was having with Kim during the session. Oliver’s was accommodating to our requests and we felt like we were just having a good time without being rushed during the session. We look forward to working with Kim again when we add new family members, often referred to as dogs, in the future.

~ Jeffrey Kinder

I’m very thankful that Kim came to our home to take a portrait of Babe in his natural environment. He is scared of everything however with her patience and calming nature, he turned out to be a 'big baby'. Now I have great memories forever! ~ Lori SylvesterBrandy loves to play and run like the wind. Taking pictures of her usually turned out to be blurry flashes as she darted all over the yard or house! Kim spent time getting to know her, playing with her, and she captured an absolutely wonderful portrait of her. This portrait sits on my desk at work and everyone loves it. I also won 2nd place in a Pet Portrait Contest with it!

~ Sharon Johns

While working with Kim of Oliver’s Captured Moments, we witnessed her patience and genuine love of pets. The photos that Kim took captured our pets in such an artful and creative way. We take quite a few pictures of our pets however, they pale in comparison to the pictures that were taken by Kim. As a testament to her work we have enlarged portraits of our first two dogs, Teo and Ravon hanging in our den. These portraits remind us everyday what a blessing these two were in our lives. Teo and Ravon have both passed on and these portraits are a constant reminder of what they meant to us. Soon Kim will return to capture our dog, Remy, in the same way. We are very fortunate to have these beautiful photos as memories of our beloved Teo and Ravon. Thank you, Kim!!!

~ Randy and Darlene Johnson

Kim Oliver is hands down the best photographer I have had the pleasure of working with. She skillfully captures the personality of a furry friend. Kim has taken all of my pet portraits for the past 20 years and has never ceased to impress me with her artistic eye and natural ability to capture the perfect shot in the most beautiful and natural settings. It does not matter the type of animal, breed, or size she has the inane ability to find that perfect shot. I have personally experienced Kim taking portraits of a 90lb cougar cub playing with a ball much like a kitten would and they turned out beautifully. It takes extreme patience and skill to work with animals of all types. Kim possesses the patience, skill, and exceptional artistic eye to capture the precious moments of your furry friend that you undoubtedly cherish for a lifetime.

~ Lisa Peake

Kim’s pet portraits are amazing! My dog, Mitzie’s, character was captured in the most realistic and charming manner. It is a huge 'WOW' for all who view it. I receive so many compliments on her work of art. She understands pets...and their owners. Highly, highly recommend her.

~ Becky Craw